Commonwealth of the Philippines Issues Treasury Certificate

Months after the inauguration of the Third Republic of the Philippines on July 4, 1946, Republic Act No. 17 was approved on September 25, 1946, authorizing all unissued Commonwealth Issues Treasury Certificates in the possession of the Government, to be marked either by stamping, overprinting or superimposing of the Official Seal of the Republic of the Philippines. The act also provides the public to exchange their unmarked Commonwealth Issues Treasury Certificate on or before November 13, 1946, with treasury certificates that have been duly marked. All Commonwealth Issues Treasury certificates not marked as stated in this act, shall no longer be a legal tender after November 13, 1946. Republic Act No. 92 was approved on March 4, 1947, extending the period of not more than 3 months but in no case beyond March 31, 1948. Republic act No. 199 was approved on March 29, 1948, repealing Republic Act No. 17 and Republic Act no. 92 and allowing all pre-war Treasury Certifies to be exchanged with Victory Series Treasury Certificates on or before June 13, 1948 and declaring all Treasury Certificate pre-war series demonetized after the said period. Even though some Commonwealth Issues Treasury Certificates Series of 1936 and 1941 were issued during the war, nonetheless it was redeem. By Virtue of a Circular issued by Central Bank of the Philippines, extending the redemption until August 5, 1961


Commonwealth of the Philippines Red Seal
Commonwealth of the Philippines Red Seal


Quezon - Ramos

Manuel L. Quezon Signature
Manuel L. Quezon as President
Antonio Ramos Signature
Antonio Ramos as Treasurer

Quezon - de Leon

Manuel L. Quezon Signature
Manuel L. Quezon as President
Antonio S. de Leon Signature
Antonio S. de Leon as Treasurer

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