Pilipino Series Coin

The Central Bank of the Philippines (CBP) commissioned again the US Mint to produce its second series of coin. In , CBP minted its second coinage through US Mint called Pilipino Series consisting of 5 denomination – 1 sentimo, 5 sentimos, 10 sentimos, 25 sentimos and 50 sentimos. This coins were struck by San Franciso Mint and Philadelphia Mint. The official coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines appears on the reverse with the legend "Republika ng Pilipinas" around it.

As a result of nationalism movements during the 1960’s, CBP altered the design to reflect the use of Pilipino names for the currency unit. This series bore portraits of our National Heroes with legends inscribed in Pilipino, a breakaway from the earlier English Series that used English as a medium.

In , CBP commissioned the Singapore Mint, a department of the Chartered Industries of Singapore Ltd. to produce part of its requirement for that year for the 50 sentimos denomination. In 1 piso denomination were first minted. In , CBP produced a Proof set thru US Mint, this proof set was initially not released to the general public. This coin set can be bought only by employees of Central Bank of the Philippines. Eventually selling of this coin set stopped. Sometime in it was released again to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas employee and then to the general public. There is a mintage of 5,714,000 for the 50 sentimos but it was not released in favor of a new coinage Ang Bagong Lipunan Series Coin. A total of 1,696,529,732 coins with a value of ₱ 396,110,748.05 were issued for this series.

On , BSP issued Circular No. 81, demonetizing the Pilipino Series coin and considering it demonetized after .

Pilipino Series coin is the predecessor of Ang Bagong Lipunan Series coin and the successor of English Series coin

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