English Series Coins

The Central Bank of the Philippines (CBP) commissioned the US Mint to produce its first series of coin. In , CBP introduced its first coinage called English Series consisting of 5 denomination – 1 centavo, 5 centavos, 10 centavos, 25 centavos and 50 centavos. This coins were minted by US Mint particularly Philadelphia Mint. CBP used the obverse design of the earlier series under American Administration which was designed by Melicio Figueroa. This was done to ensure the acceptance of the public since the design is very familiar. The official coat of arms of the Republic of the Philippines appears on the reverse with the legend "Central Bank of the Philippines" around it.

During its first year of introduction, only 1 centavo and 5 centavos reached its full mintage. 10 centavos, 25 centavos and 50 centavos were in proofing stage and minting only 1,000 per denomination in . This proof strike would eventually go to Five Coins Proof Set sleeves mounted on a cardstock paper and marked with “Central Bank of the Philippines” “Proof Coins” (1 centavo and 5 centavos in that set is circulation strike), released on . In , Philadelphia Mint minted 9,999,000 of the 10 centavos and 25 centavos and 4,999,000 of the 50 centavos, all dated . CBP issued again a Five Coin Set now consisting of all circulation strike. Philadelphia Mint minted coins for the CBP until for this series.

In , CBP commissioned the Royal Mint of London, UK to produce the 5 centavos, 10 centavos, 25 centavos, and 50 centavos, none is minted for 1 centavo that year and onwards for this series.

In , CBP commissioned two mints to produce the coin, Royal Mint of London, UK and Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG of West Germany.

A total of 1,099,800,000 coins with a value of ₱ 119,150,000 were issued for this series.

In , CBP issued a statement for the demonetization of this series, and the English series coins was considered demonetized after except for the 10 centavos that would continue to be legal tender until the 1990’s. On , BSP issued Circular No. 81, demonetizing the 10 centavos, and considering it demonetized after .

English Series coin is the predecessor of Pilipino Series coin and the successor of Commonwealth Issues Coin

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