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Alamat Commemorative Coins or simply known as "Alamat" was founded on , by Jericho Benavente, a person who has a deep interest in coin collecting, history, and arts. He built Alamat for the main purpose to create collectible medals that give tributes to Philippines' significant figures and historical events. After a year of preparation, Alamat released its first issue on , the Lapulapu - Battle of Mactan 500th Anniversary Medal that trended in social media. For just a few days the medals sold out its 300 minted copies and marked the start of the new generation of Philippine medal-making.


Alamat commemorative Coins live in 4 core values that we prioritize above everything.

  1. Quality: It is very important to us to give top-notch quality to every medal we make. We strive hard to keep our promise to our clients (the collectors), to give them the exact medals that we've shown in designs and advertisements. We carefully design our medals in terms of quality and originality so that the images we can show in the medals are unique and interesting.
  2. Consistency: 2nd to quality is consistency. We make sure we are consistent in every release in terms of quality, aesthetics, and themes. We want people to distinguish the Alamat brand in just 1 look at our medals.
  3. History: We do it for history. It is sad that many of our country's founding fathers/mothers are now forgotten. Today, they are just part of books' pages that few people read. With growing numbers of coin collectors today, we can exhibit our history through medals.
  4. Relevance: It is important to us that we only release relevant events. That's why we only release important anniversaries like centennials. We make sure we are not just riding popularities of famous figures' names just to sell our products. We will dedicate our efforts especially to those unsung heroes who played significant roles in our history.

Our goal is to create limited edition medals that commemorate historical figures and events that celebrate anniversaries of decennials, centennials, and such... Through medal making, we like to educate our younger generation about our history and tell the stories of our valiant heroes who left their marks and legacies that shaped us into who we are today. Some of them are unsung heroes.

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