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Inspired by the hobby and a tribute to the dream of his late father Amaro Baleta Sr., the Numisworks Auction Product Trading (NAPT), was conceptualized by Amaro Baleta Jr. on . To pursue his passion for numismatics, he formally registered the business name: NAPT at the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippine Government on . NAPT is an offshoot of Las Islas Filipinas Trading and El Filinumista Exclusive Auction in Facebook Groups which was also founded by Amaro Baleta Jr.


We aim to achieve client’s satisfaction through simple but valuable numismatic items that can be spread out and highly acceptable by our old and new numismatic collectors.


Numisworks Auction Product Trading, a recognized institution for new generation numismatists which patronize our own culture, heroes, Arts and Traditions, Prominent Filipinos, and others which will rekindle the true Filipino spirit of patriotism and sense of national pride.

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