How to use Coin Cardboard Holder Staple Type

1. Put the coin in the cardboard window hole.

Coin in Holder

2. Fold the cardboard in half

Fold in Half

3. Staple the four side of the cardboard and use corrosion resistant staple like copper or stainless steel based

Staple the Cardboard

Copper Staple

4. Flatten the back of staple wire using fliers so as not to damage other coins when stocking it together

Flatten the Staple Wire

5. Two style of stapling and you can choose either exact fit for the hole or slightly bigger hole so as to see the edge if it is reeded or plain

Two Style of Stapling

6. You can write of put a label sticker on the cardboard



7. Store them on coin box or album

Coin Box

Coin Album